The Aqualift Portable Drinking System
was invented in 1991 and patented in 1992 by Michael A. Roppolo, MSS, ATC, CSCS. Sports Innovations, Ltd is located in New Orleans, LA.

The new Generation II Aqualift Portable Drinking System is the finest hydration system available on the market today. The Aqualift has been and continues to be the choice of professional, college and high school athletic teams.

The Aqualift Portable Drinking System has been designed to provide ready access to drinking water virtually anywhere. The Aqualift is constructed of the finest materials available and will provide years of reliable service.

The Aqualift provides simultaneous connection of two power supplies and a variety of power supply configurations, including a 12 volt 18 amp hour option. This will more than triple the amount functional capacity between charges.

The Aqualift is constructed of beverage industry approved modular components. This translates into convenience and safety. Modular design means that upgrades can be easily accomplished.

- Frame components are all aluminum with a 500 lb capacity.
- Large pneumatic tires designed for easy maneuverability on all terrain.
- Optional care free composite tires are available. This means they will never deflate.
- Fluid components are beverage industry quality
- 10 gallon insulated beverage container with a flat lid allows stacking of additional 10 gallon container.
- Lid retainer for easy filling and cleaning.
- Removable stainless steel filter screen.
- Pump has adjustable pressure cut off switch and a two year warranty.
- Schedule 80 PVC manifold with 4 hoses attached - includes a 5th accessory outlet.
- 4-fully adjustable PVC labcock drinking valves.
- UL approved fiberglass electrical enclosure with quick release locking latches.
- Dual power supply wiring harness
- Multiple power supply options. 12V 7a/h, 12V 12a/h and 12V 18a/h.
- Automatic dual rate rapid battery charger with LED indicators that monitor charging status - included at no extra cost.

The Aqualift (TM) and Generation II Aqualift (TM) Portable Drinking Systems are proprietary property of Sports Innovations, Ltd. And are protected by U.S. and International Patents issued and pending. U.S. Patent No.: 5,154,317.